Dramatic black and white character portraits: timeless and memorable

Dramatic black and white character portraits: timeless and memorable

What does it mean: look like a model? Do you have to be 10 feet tall, under 25 years of age, in love with yourself, apt at striking poses?

Was heisst: aussehen wie ein Model ?  Muß man 2m groß sein, unter 25 Jahre alt sein, in sich Verliebt sein, ein Master im Posieren sein?

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One Saturday, in February, in Bonn, one photoshoot to write home about

One Saturday, in February, in Bonn, one photoshoot to write home about

Black and white, contrasty, grainy, moody... timeless.  Images that guide my vision and concept of beautiful photography.

Schwarzweiß, Kontrastreich, voller emotion... zeitlose.  Bilder die meine Vision und Konzept von wunderschöner Fotografie führen.


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Brother and Sister studio portrait session: a timeless duo

Brother and Sister studio portrait session: a timeless duo

Being able to find a couple of hours of quality time together as brother and sister ...

Die Möglichkeit, Zeit als Bruder und Schwester zusammen zu verbringen...

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Gabriele Immerschön meets Sheona Ann Photography

Gabriele Immerschön meets Sheona Ann Photography

Our meeting took place over a cup of tea in Tao.  What started out as a regular get-to-know-you meet turned into a full 2-hour exchange of like-minded philosophies and life settings.

I was excited: this colourful lady had layers.

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Sleeklens Photoshop Portrait Action Review

Sleeklens Photoshop Portrait Action Review

Postproduction retouching is part of every photographers’ workflow. So when a company (Sleeklens) selling professional workflows approaches you with a product they claim will reduces editing time and achieve better results-would-I-would-like-to-review-it, curiosity gets the upper hand.  

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We met for a photoshoot in Warendorf

We met for a photoshoot in Warendorf

After a warm hello, we sat down to an excellent spaghetti Bolognese in excellent company (thank-you Mike!); cracked a few jokes, pumped-up the banter and knew we were going to have a cool session when the time came.  Nach eine herzlichem „Hallo“ gab es hervorragende Spaghetti Bolognese in bester Gesellschafft ,,,,

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Location shoot: crime author Patricia Weiss

Location shoot: crime author Patricia Weiss

Crimes are by definition horrible ugly deeds committed with hate and violence or worst still calculated hate.

Crime authors are no such thing. A chunk of their artistic brain is without a doubt a tad dark and gory but that doesn't in anyway define them as a person.

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Fairy lights: the season alternative to studio lighting

There still here and shining bright.  Well actually I added to the current selection and nabbed the lights meant for the Christmas tree....

Having a wee play with them and found the bokeh effect very sharp and dramatic.

Here are a few of the black and white portraits to come out of a successful photo session.

fairy-lights-winter-bw-sheona-ann-photography (1 of 6).jpg

Natural is one magic word...

The quest for the next magic moment, the moment you know instinctively exists but have no idea when and where it will appear. This chase is a massive part of being a photographer.

Capturing this elusive yet very real natural moment becomes near to an obsession.

The fuel that drives us to hunt through thick and thin for the right light.

The patience that makes us wait in ambush for the fleeting moment our heart saw well before our lens.

The buzz that we need to feel flow through our veins.

You can't create it; fabricate it, pull it out of a box.

You have to invite it to show itself, coax it out into the light, entice it to stay for a trigger moment.

Layers of emotion instead of make-up. Wind in the hair instead of curlers. Empathy in place of staged poses.

Simply. Beautifully. Naturally.


beautiful-girl-laughing-b&w-Sheona-Ann-Photography (1 of 1)-2.jpg

The reason behind my moody black and white photography

Lock me in a room alone or hand me a camera, and there’s a mutation. 

A serious change in my perception of depth, to be exact in the complexity and profundity of my train of thought;  all becomes somewhat intense.

To be blunt:  I detest shallow, fear the superficial and run at olympian speed from cosmetic chic. 

Authenticity is the only genuine belief guiding my vision.

This is where Black and white comes in. 

I see a monotone world where light is everything, where superficiality can find no roots, where emotions are raw.  

There’s no hiding, paddling in shallow waters, playing to the tune of superficial commercial stereotyped beauty.

Black and white images engulf you.  The light branding an image within.

Existing only at the surface: never possible


Sitting in a darkened room, on the edge of not knowing, believing, understanding.

This happens to all of us.

It’s a dark moment, a lonely moment. 

For the outsider looking in a haunting moment mirroring so much of what’s inside of us.

Black background adds mood to contemporary portrait

One window, one big black soft backdrop, a gorgeous model and an inspired photographer is all it takes.

Here are a few of the headshot portraits that I took back in August at the workshop with the talented photographer Daniel Hammelstein

There result is exactly the way I had envisioned the end images. Super strong compositionally, emotionally charged and perfect black and white lighting.

Shooting with a wide open aperture (f2,0) gave all the images a beautiful soft feel.

A great big thank-you to Selina for patience and professionalism. You're a star!

Black and white Mother-Daughter photo session

Gorgeous... just plain gorgeous.  

Couple of weeks ago my wee photo studio opened its doors to a beautiful mother daughter duo.  Moments of love, complicity and beauty were captures. 

All my black and white photographs were created using window light as a main light source. This allowed me to achieve soft and flattering high key images.  We then moved on to a rockier feel using one soft box as the main light and a reflector just to pop in a little fill on a dark grey background.

It really was one amazing session with memories to last a life time.


Last shoot in the studio; Black and white only!

First black and white only shoot!  

Love it when my sitter is on the same wave length when there is no question as to the beauty and power of b&w.  The colour question never breached ;)

Here you have it: one shoot, three looks, three moods and an excellent time.

Thanks to a great model here are a few images to prove my point: black and white rocks!!!!

Home location photoshoot

Being invited into someones home, into the core of their lives to create art is special, very special.

This is something I honour and take great pride in respecting.

We created moments of magic.

Moments that will last a lifetime.  

Moments that her children will alway treasure.

All photos are natural light source supported by reflectors.

One-light studio set-up can create serious drama

One of the fascinating and exciting things about discovering your way around a mini home studio is working on how to get a great light set-up when you have no wiggle room.

This has to be one of my favourite go- to one light set-up when I can't rely on my window light (i.e.: rain and clouds and/or short days)

All these shots were taken with a 60x90 cm soft box using a grid to channel the light.  The reflection in the glasses was left: I really like the pattern added by the grid and it's really only us photographers who understand where it comes from ;)

The colour image is SOOC  (straight out of the camera) no adjustments were made. All black and white images where post processed using only lightroom.

ISO 100  1/160 f11   85mm

man in profile glasses