The answers to some of your frequently asked questions regarding portraits and prints

What's my style? 

Black and white. Real. Pure.  

B&w photography is what moves me. The timeless quality is magic.  Images are all about authentic emotion and subtle moments. My photography, my vision is all about capturing these natural moments; creating portraits that confirm beauty is within all of us. 

I'm in, how do I book?

Email (studio@sheona-ann.photography) or phone (+49 (0)172 2887808), fill out the form on the contact page or DM me directly through Facebook’s messenger .  Once you get in touch with me I’ll set up a meeting with you.  We’ll talk about your session, wardrobe, location and reserve a date for your session. 

What does reserve a date mean?  

Sheona Ann Photography (SAP) requires a deposit to reserve the date for every photo session.  This let’s you “own” that day.  The retainer fee is non refundable, must be paid before your session and will be put forward to the cost of your session. The full balance can be paid on or prior the session. However, if for whatever reason (illness, car breaks down, work, bad weather...) we have to postpone your session, this deposit is transferable to you rescheduled session.

Where do you shoot?

I come to you. We can meet in your home, favourite park or any special location of your choice. The location is key to you feeling comfortable and happy. Many clients like to have their portrait taken in the comfort of their own home. 

How long will my session take?  

Sessions usually last about 1.5 hours.  

Times can vary but this is usually a good base.  If needed extra time can be taken. 

Can we bring our pet(s)?

Absolutely! I LOVE pets and they are welcome.  They are part of your life they should be in your photos!  However it is crucial that you can control them for the session.   

What if I need to reschedule my session?  

No problem, life happens and schedules change, just please make sure to call as soon as possible and we can reschedule. 

What should I wear?  

“If you feel cool, you’ll look cool”

Wear whatever makes you feel good!  Solid colours, simple patterns.  Something you are comfortable in and that is darker or lighter than your skin tone.  If you are coming for a family session make sure your clothes blend, not clash. 

Bring a couple of outfits to choose from and change into. Accessories are also welcome. This adds variety to your session. 

What does the session fee cover?

The session fee covers the personalised pre-consult, the planning, the preparation of the session, a 1,5 hour session, the image preparation and the in-studio sales appointment (The Reveal) where you view and select your images and products.   

The session fee also includes two professionally printed (13 x18 cm) photographs (NOT digital files).

How long until I get to see my photographs?

Depending on the size of shoot, the average time is between 10 days and two weeks.  

A selection of 30-40 edited images (the best ones) will be ready to view 2 weeks after your session. Occasionally it can take longer.  Rush orders are always do-able.   Once the photos are ready for viewing, a date will be set-up for the reveal.  This session is for you to view and choose the images and products you would like to have.  As soon as you have made your choice, the production begin.

What about all the photos that were taken. Can't I have all of them?  

Sorry no!  I don't display any unedited work.  I wan't you to be wowed not overwhelmed.  

Editing photos is a very important part of my creative process.  You get to see and chose from finished artwork.

 (Editing= sorting, culling, viewing, deciding and then polishing)

We love the work of (...) photographer. Can you replicate that style? 

No. Really not!

Simply because it's just that: someone else's style and trying to replicate that would not only infringe on their copyright but I'm  also convinced I would do a pretty rotten job. What we can do is inspiration: if you have ideas and poses and effects you would like to try bring them along to the shoot. New fresh ideas are always welcome. 

Will my pictures be published?  Werden meine Bilder veröffentlicht?

Your images will never be published without your consent.  Deine Bilder werden nur mit deinem Einverständnis veröffentlicht.

Due to the nature of my work, it is really important that I am allowed to show my work. Für meine Arbeit ist es unwahrscheinlich wichtig, dass ich Fotos zeigen darf.  

I will always respect your privacy and am grateful for every release. Ich respektiere deine Privatsphäre, freue mich aber über jede Freigabe eines Fotos sehr.

May I use the photos for my favourite social media platform? 

Of course,  you have the rights to use the photos for non commercial use and can share them on social media . I just ask that you don't edit (filter/change the size) the photos or crop out my Watermark/copyright. Linking and/or tagging  Sheona Ann Photography would be perfect ;)

How do I know what is happening at Sheona Ann Photography?

Blog, Email Newsletter, Facebook and Instagram are my favourite ways of sharing news and happenings with you. All are constantly updated with new images, fun bits and bobs and promotions.