Fridos: male model with a lust for life and a master at living his todays.

Getting lost in a vibe while creating is remarkable, especially when you can grab hold of a wee section of this crazy world and shape it as you see fit.

I’m not a rebel, never have been, never will be. Others are far better at it than me, and I have never found (or understood) the need to pierce my tongue and shave my head. My art, on the other hand, silently embraces defying rules, shaking regulations, ignoring protocol, moving around shadows, always and systematically pushing for that wee bit more.

If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun. ~ Katharine Hepburn

So true: it’s incredibly freeing to just let it rip… and that is exactly what happened one hot summer’s day.

The backdrop: a pretentious derelict industrial building with more square meters than I can ever get my non-mathematical head around.

The model: Fridos a wonderfully crazy fun loving always jumping outside the box and loving every minute of it no-rules embracer.

The result: powerful imagery, unforgettable photographs born from a strong collaboration between model, photographer, location, knowledge and the belief that being alive is all about a mix of pain and beauty…


cool sofa sprawl lost space male model