Brandon: when infinite poise has an unforgettable edge.

Born with a total unique sense of rhythm (!) and somewhat limited flexibility, I have always held dance, more specifically dancers, in awe.

Hypnotic magicians.

Stars with super powers.

Meet Brandon, he’s a dancer.

Gifted, composed, incredible friendly and good-humoured, we had a first-rate photo session.

Indeed it was a session filled with all the right basics . Through his looks, poise, charisma, unpretentious manner and my love of straightforward-no-beating-about-the-bush-look-straight-at-me-and-lets-mark-time monochrome vision, we created images of distinguished timeless strength and beauty.

Quite simply our very own little bit of magic! I’m in awe ;-)

Brandon_SheonaAnnPhoto_website (68 of 82).jpg
Colour portrait of Brandon Alexander