Mindcorpses splayed on the floor just beside the grey matter called my brain.

We all struggle with focus, lose clarity and need to reassess.

We (creatives) fail to remember just how much our creativity needs to be nurtured and showered with TLC. In my case this leads to my “mindcorpses” -ie. slain positivity- thriving negativity…

Reassessing, dealing with the ney-sayer in my head (I’ve named her AGATHABLABLA) is CRUCIAL albeit an ongoing battle that never seems to fully stop. Knotted “thought corpses” splayed on the floor of my mind are part of the landscape.

What you might well ask has this to do with photography?

Photography as such nothing, my photography…loads. It is through my images I channel my doubts use the muddled fear to see and create. Only once I see what I felt do I find peace, recharge and grow.

How do I do this?

Getting out of the studio away from behind the computer camera in hand is my go-to to moving forward.

I need to see. To feel. To experience nature’s magic. To move. Be alone. Feel the wind.

I need to untangling my grey matter.

Last week,

this is what I saw.

This is what made me smile.

This is my reassessment.