Sina: feminine, sensual, charismatic, radiant

TRUTH. Stereotypes make my blood boil. There is nothing worse that shoving something into a one-size-fits-all-box!

Needless to say blowing any kind of stereotype out of the water is my idea of fun.

There is a general (totally wrong) feeling that in order to be gorgeous, thin has to be part of the mix.

I beg to differ!

Meet Sina, a gorgeous #curvymodel, who, with one confident mesmerising look into the camera blew that idiotic stereotype to smithereens !

beautiful curvy woman look strong
beautiful curvy woman on sofa

P.S: This selection of images was taken in Cologne during our #MMUNS (model meet up in the Loft Studio Cologne) back in May 2019.

We were 2 photographers: Natalie de Vries and myself. 8 Models: Sina, Tresor, Yassin, Oliver, Kathleen, Jasmin, Roxy and Oumu. one make-up artist and 2 assistants. Fashion provided by Relindis2Hand

XXL thank-yous to you all for making it one seriously cool event :D