the second step to a great photoshoot: enjoy the moment and laugh out loud

TIP NUMBER 2 is very simple and demands no planning, learning or added expense.

It is all about

being you and having fun

To this day a professional photoshoot is still an event shrouded in mystery and an air of glamour. An event that carries around a (false) reputation of being reserved for models only! That only the “beauties” of society get to pose and be the center of attention… WRONG!

Wrong, wrong wrong! A photoshoot is open to each and every one of us and is the perfect time for laughing, relaxing and discovering a new adventure and creating special memories.

Here, with me in my magic space, a photoshoot is a fun event!

A photo session is all about having fun, laughing, being you, being free of judgment and constraints. It is an event that demands a wee bit of preparation (from both sides) but much much more importantly an occasion that demands authenticity, charm and personality.

Each of us has something beautiful, unique that can’t be imitated or reproduced, a little “je ne said quoi” that should to be celebrated, made to shine in the spotlight.

Attributes such as beauty, ugly, fat, thin, young, old are totally banned, snubbed and left outside in the cold.

Showing up excited, being yourself and ready to have a great time is a sure step to not only a sensational photo session but creating amazing authentic images.

brother and sister laughing in set
teenager laughing with crazy hair