Sleeklens Photoshop Portrait Action Review

Postproduction retouching is part of every photographers’ workflow. So when a company (Sleeklens) selling professional workflows approaches you with a product they claim will reduces editing time and achieve better results-would-I-would-like-to-review-it, curiosity gets the upper hand.  

Having no experiences with (and never having heard of!!! I know what century am I living in right?) Photoshop actions (I am it must be said a Photoshop hardcore layer user) this was a new "adventure".

My first impression of Sleeklenses’ Photoshop portrait perfection collection was good.  The collection is professionally presented, well explained, very easy to install and to use.  The company guides the buyer through the initial set-up and learning curve with two how-to videos.

a. one how to install PS actions on MAC and PC:

 b. how to work with the Portrait perfection portrait workflow:

There are over 56 actions and all are specifically tailored to portrait photography. Actions to enhance skin, eyes, hair, light as well as the popular frequency separation are in the mix.  Also very nice to find in the mix are 3 different web file preparation (resizing for the web) actions.

After spending some time using it (excellent opportunity to work on a few photographs that I never got round to editing- see the before and after below) and putting it through it’s paces I can quite definitely say:

  • on the pro side:

·      this collection does what it claims to do. Speeds up editing time and gives the final photograph a really nice finish even in black and white.  Nothing is too OTT (over the top)

·      Very importantly allows also for a whole load of creativity wiggle room for “post-production individuality”. 

  • On the con-side:

·      some of the bundled actions did slow down my computer to a frustratingly slow snail pace. 

·      The package does require prior Photoshop knowledge. It’s not for your Photoshop beginner (although you don’t have to be the super ninja master either) but a good sound understanding of Photoshop is necessary.

However, all in all the positives far outweigh the cons.

 So now to the crucial question: would I recommend Sleeklens portrait perfection collection and is it value for money?

The answer is yes I would recommend it and yes it is good value for money.

Yes #1 because any photographer with a massive workflow will appreciate this collections’ speed, ease of use and nice results. Yes #2 because you get a big bundle of very useful options, well thought-out actions not to mention  it’s user friendly and of excellent quality.

 P.S: Not interested in Photoshop actions no worries Sleeklens portrait perfection collection also available for lightroom.

P.P.S: It must be (boldly) noted bad photographs will not become good ones through post processing. You have to have good photograph to start with. I'm a big believer in getting the moment right in camera and saving the post processing for creating a work of art and not for getting a better photograph.


Natural light portrait of girl with long hair straight out of the camera (SOOC)

Natural light portrait of girl with long hair straight out of the camera (SOOC)

Natural light portrait of girl with long hair straight out of the camera (SOOC)

Natural light portrait of girl with long hair straight out of the camera (SOOC)