The first days of Spring are reminding me of summers’ beautiful moments and the day i took a new step forward on my photography journey

Did you know there are supposedly dozens of golden-crucial-most-important-never-ignore-must-follow-keep-in-mind-in-site-in-frame rules in photography? One of the few that I agree with is concerns connecting with your sitter, this has to be one of the most crucial (and the one I most enjoy!) This also applies to professional models. Yes, they will always look very very good, know a tone of poses, have hours of experience but if you don’t connect on a human level that extra sprinkling of magic will not appear in your pictures.

Today, my focus is like it was last summer: on Chana, on her charm, her looks, on her deep set beauty. We met at fellow photographer Daniel Hammelsteins’ workshops. She was the model, I, one of the students (love using this term… especially as I’m a couple of decades over the classic student age ;D ).

Thanks to her wonderful nature and kind way, she allowed me to grow in confidence, see bigger, make mistakes, see even bigger, make even bigger mistakes (I had her making the strangest faces!) She allowed me to dare, to move a notch closer to creating something magic.

There were no airs and graces, not an ounce of arrogance; just understanding, a willingness to cooperate and bundles of trust.

Thank you Chana, most sincerely.

Gorgeous woman opening glass door in black top
Beautiful long haired model sitting holding knees