My wee photo studio welcomes Eva Böcker and her Cello

The sound wraps around every single fibre of my being, under my skin.

Reverberates so elegantly.  Coats the studio in beauty.

It is magical.

Music can't be photographed can it?  You can't capture sounds with black and white photography, with light and shadow. Or can you?

At first I was sceptical, very unsure of how to proceed. Wondering if I should go down the safe route of nice pretty posed portraits. Not my preferred option at all but this was going to be my safe plan until...I read the cello described "as the closest sounding instrument to the human voice". 

Then it was clear: all I had to do was listen.  What a pleasure that was.  The conversation was enthralling and unforgettable.  

Million thank yous Eva for creating a magical moment in this little magic space.

Discover more of Eva Boecker's work at Ensemble Moderne


Eva-BOECKER-Cello-bw-portrait-sheona-ann-photography (15 of 15).jpg
Boecker-Eva-cellist-bw-portrait-sheona-ann-photography (1 of 1).jpg

Behind the scenes