Out of comfy zone into the totally unfamiliar!

2018 has wasted no time in pushing my comfy zone boundaries out into the bigger wider world with a small challenge. 

The brief was simple:

2-3 Product placement images for cosmetic beauty products by Chris Farelle in ... colour.

Never one to back-off a wee challenge, I accepted blogger Gabriele Immerschön's offer with a grin not knowing that I would end up contorted in a bath looking through a lens (yes the whole photoshoot happened in a cute tiny bathroom)

Needless to say an excellent laugh was had by both sitter and photographer and, the result, I believe bang on the mark :)

p.s: somehow a wee black and white sprinkling got caught up in the mix...who would have thought!

Gabriele-Immerschoen-cream-sheona-ann-photography (1 of 1)-6.jpg