The reason behind my moody black and white photography

Lock me in a room alone or hand me a camera, and there’s a mutation. 

A serious change in my perception of depth, to be exact in the complexity and profundity of my train of thought;  all becomes somewhat intense.

To be blunt:  I detest shallow, fear the superficial and run at olympian speed from cosmetic chic. 

Authenticity is the only genuine belief guiding my vision.

This is where Black and white comes in. 

I see a monotone world where light is everything, where superficiality can find no roots, where emotions are raw.  

There’s no hiding, paddling in shallow waters, playing to the tune of superficial commercial stereotyped beauty.

Black and white images engulf you.  The light branding an image within.

Existing only at the surface: never possible


Sitting in a darkened room, on the edge of not knowing, believing, understanding.

This happens to all of us.

It’s a dark moment, a lonely moment. 

For the outsider looking in a haunting moment mirroring so much of what’s inside of us.