Natural, spontaneous, improvised, real: words to DESCRIBE the magic AUTHENTICity needed in my life...

The quest for that next magic moment, for the moment you know instinctively exists but have no idea when and where it will appear; this quest is a massive part of being a photographer.

These moments of authenticity appear in every shoot, out of our control, totally unplanned but always make an appearance. Knowing they will appear we wait in ambush. These fleeting moments our hearts see well before our lens does, are never the “perfect” photo but they are so perfect in their imperfections!

They are the most memorable part of any session. They are when my sitters are the most human, the most gorgeous, the most alive.

While sitting down to write this post, it has become clear to me that these are the moments that I want to appear in every on of my sessions but that also want to have filling my days… every day.

They are the fuel that drive me to hunt through thick and thin, the buzz that I need to feel flow through my veins as an artist but also as a mother, wife, daughter and friend.

This form of energy can't be fabricated, bought in a box. You have to invite it in to show itself, coax it out into the light, entice it to stay for a trigger moment.

It’s all about loving layers of emotion instead of make-up, wind in the hair instead of curlers. Empathy in place of staged poses.

It’s all about being. Simply. Beautifully. Naturally.