Natural is one magic word...

The quest for the next magic moment, the moment you know instinctively exists but have no idea when and where it will appear. This chase is a massive part of being a photographer.

Capturing this elusive yet very real natural moment becomes near to an obsession.

The fuel that drives us to hunt through thick and thin for the right light.

The patience that makes us wait in ambush for the fleeting moment our heart saw well before our lens did.

The buzz that we need to feel flow through our veins.

You can't create it; fabricate it, pull it out of a box.

You have to invite it to show itself, coax it out into the light, entice it to stay for a trigger moment.

Layers of emotion instead of make-up. Wind in the hair instead of curlers. Empathy in place of staged poses.

Simply. Beautifully. Naturally.


beautiful-girl-laughing-b&w-Sheona-Ann-Photography (1 of 1)-2.jpg