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We are born to live, to celebrate our uniqueness, to create our own beauty.

A (he)arty welcome.

My name is Sheona (pronounced [sh OH n ah] ), I’m an artist with a passion for monochrome imagery.

Black & white art makes me happy.

The last decades have educated me on patience, enlightened me to the power of observation, allowed me to create an art world based on genuine beauty.

My Story

I’m a self-taught (well, life-taught) image maker. I studied business in college, worked a few gigs in marketing & real-estate before landing in the middle of the elite equestrian world grooming and riding for the best of the best (yes, every little girl’s dream).

After graduating, life, love & a strong sense of adventure swept me off into a world of horses, travel, art, flying, motherhood and photography.

Photography found me in my teens.

Drawing made it’s way into my life, unplanned, in my carefree twenties.

Little did I know I would have such an amazing art career. Between my strong passion and commitment to my art came hundreds of private commissioned portraits, international solo and group exhibitions, publications, multiple awards … even a television appearance.

What I do

I photograph black & white (always) portraits of people (mainly) and horses (because they are in my blood). I create unique and timeless images focused on raw emotion, perfect imperfections and individual magic.

My Core beliefs

Keep it real. Everyone deserves an amazing portrait

Quality over quantity. Less is more and so much better

Keep it simple Monochrome … always

Make it better. Never stop learning, pushing boundaries: there’s always room for improvement

Never stop growing. Challenge yourself… daily

My Guaranty

Authenticity has always been and will always be at the heart of everything I accomplish, everything I visualise.

Every single image that leaves my studio is created with heaps of love, deep insight and real appreciation.